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Rich Stitzel Music

Welcome to the place for unique, creative, and insightful educational materials for drumset study.

The lesson packs, concepts, and exercises on this site are for those who are truly ready to go deeper with their practice.

Most of the lessons here are based on the methods I have created in a system called The DrumMantra®, which is the study of polymetric relationships through a detailed system of coordination workouts. 

Whether it is a Rhythmic Melody, a Groove Meditation, an Independence Study, or an exercise from my book, "The Foundational Series", the drum student will be taken step-by-step through various series' of exercises designed to carry one deeper into the understanding of rhythm, phrasing, groove, and coordination.

This site is not for everyone. It is intended for very serious players who are ready to venture into the next level of their playing. The concepts, exercises, and systems here have been meticulously developed over my 25+ year career as a professional drummer & educator, and will take the serious student on a journey into their own playing that will be truly transformative.

Feel free to browse the lessons on the site. Everything can be ordered "a la carte", or there is also the option of membership, which includes everything you see on the site plus much more...

All-Access Membership Now Available. 

 If you are serious about your playing and want to go deeper with your practice, this is the place for you:

  • - 24/7 Access to an ever-growing collection of unique, creative, and insightful educational materials.
  • - Over a hundred streaming videos
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