Groove Meditation 4.1, Exercises 1-12

The Groove Meditations are exercises designed to develop 4-way independence and muscle memory with patterns that start off fairly simple and grow in difficulty over the course of the series.

There are several "levels" to approaching these exercises.

  1. Reading the exercises on the page, getting the coordination together
  2. Making it through the playalong completely without losing your place (for instance, this particular series is a 5-bar phrase repeated eight times)
  3. Committing the exercise to memory (this can prove quite challenging, especially for the exercises toward the end of the series)
  4. Being able to go from one to the next in the "Full Series" play-along"

 *The Full Series play-along is a new feature that I will be introducing across the board with all of the exercise series' that I post. This allows you to play each exercise for pass of the phrase, which in this case is 5 measures.

Keep in mind that exercises 1-9 are all one measure long, so you will play each of those 5 times in order to complete the musical phrase, but then exercises 10-12 are five measures long, so each of those only gets played one time through before going on to the next. 


Groove Meditation 4.1, Exercises 1-6

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Groove Meditation 4.1, Exercises 7-12

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