Rhythmic Melodies IIA, #1, accents 8

In this lesson, we will take a look at the challenges and musical interests of playing a dotted eighth ride ostinato with the right hand at the same time as reading a rhythmic melody with the left hand.

This is one slice of a lesson series called "Rhythmic Melodies & Ostinatos."

We will be looking at line one of the Rhythmic Melodies IA section from The Foundational Series Book (page 37 for those of you reading along).

We will be reading the 4 measure long rhythmic melody with the left hand, and playing ostinato #8 (the dotted eighth) at the same time with the right hand. 

The benefits of this exercise are:

  • developing a deeper level of coordination between the hands
  • gaining a greater sense of phrasing possibilities in your own creative expression
  • experiencing some patterns that sound cool & will enhance your rhythmic vocabulary


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