Rhythmic Phrasing Using Flam-Taps

This lesson is a quick overview of some rhythmic phrasing concepts that can be expressed using two rudiments: the flam tap, and the flam tap-tap. The idea is to use groupings of 2's and 3's to come up with different rhythmic "shapes" or "landscapes".

This can open the door to a new world of phrasing concepts. 

Understanding how to organize note groupings can provide a more adventurous palette from which to draw a creative expression.

In this lesson you get:

  • A video explaining the concept with 4 playing examples
  • A video play-along of the four examples played 32 times each (128 measures total)
  • A PDF of the two rudiments, as well as the four exercises discussed in the video.
  • An MP3 play-along of the 128 measure exercise with drums
  • An MP3 play-along of the 128 measure exercise without drums





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