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Geometric Matrix 1.0

I had a lot of fun putting this one together for you! I was watching some videos the other day on sacred geometry, the golden ratio, frequency, and rhythm and was struck with the inspiration to develop a series of exercises that honor some of the amazing mathematical principals that seem to govern a lot of what is happening in the natural world. What seems like a fairly simple concept here can become exponentially more challenging once the final exercise is memorized. This is because once you memorize it, you get to advance to the next level of challenge which is counting the exercise from three different perspectives!   [powr-file-embed id=0645f168_1494013667]

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What is a 3:4 Polymeter, and why is it so cool?

Hey everybody! It seems like when I start talking about polyrhythms & polymeters in clinics and workshops I get some blank stares, which makes sense if you haven't spent too much time thinking about them, or studying them.  I just wanted to get a simple explanation out there with an audio example and a written music example so you could come at the concept from a few different angles and perspectives. The bottom line is, any complex relationships require a deep understanding of what something sounds like, what it feels like to play, and also what it looks like written down. A polymeter is two or more meters happening at the same time. These meters share a common subdivision, so...

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