The 3:4 Polymetric Relationship

What is a polymeter? A polymeter is two or more different note groupings sharing the same subdivision but having different durations. For instance, three sixteenths & four sixteenths. This brings us to this lesson on the 3:4 polymetric relationship!

There are four ways to experience this relationship, four different perspectives.

We will go through all four perspectives in this lesson by counting, feeling, and performing a piece that takes us on a rhythmic journey of the 3:4 polymeter.

What you get in this lesson:

  • A 10 minute video explaining, and demonstrating the four perspectives of the 3:4 polymeter
  • A PDF of the exercises
  • 2 MP3's of the playalong. One with drums, one without.
  • A great opportunity to challenge your ability to shift your mind, but maintain your coordination:-)


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