Drum Set Modification - Rhythmic Melodies III, Foundational Series

 If you own the Foundational Series Book, you have most likely experienced the section at the end of each chapter called "Rhythmic Melodies". These 4-measure long melodic phrases are comprised of the rhythmic information from the "meditation" section that precedes the Rhythmic Melodies.

The purpose of the Rhythmic Melodies is to create a framework for understanding phrasing in various time signatures. There are quite a few applications and exercises in the book, but I wanted to begin presenting some more advanced drum set oriented modifications for people who are ready to go a little deeper with the book.

The modification here is from the final section of The Foundational Series. The time signature is 5/4, which allows for the 5:4 polymetric relationship. In this instance, the 5:4 relationship will be occurring between the bass drum and snare drum in a pattern of every other fifth 16th note (see music example below). The hi-hat will be playing quarter notes in this example (but eventually the goal is to play through the entire series of permutations from the book), and the ride cymbal is playing the melodies.

In the example below, I did not take the repeats from the book. I played each line once right into the next which allows a 32 bar phrase to emerge. (The repeats are written in for repetitive practice only. The "performance" of the page does not have repeats.

This one could take some time to get happening. Have patience, stay focused, and don't forget to breathe:-)

Have fun! 


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  • Gary Evans

    Hi Rich.
    That sounds cool and it might take some serious practice to complete :-)

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