75% of drummers don't have a focused practice routine.

What are your biggest challenges in the practice room?

Focus, Motivation, Having Time, and Having a Plan were the four most popular answers from a survey I did with drummers a while back. (You can see that survey HERE.)


You're not alone.

We all struggle in the practice room. Being easily distracted,  impatient, or overwhelmed are universal. The thing is, the biggest obstacle towards improvement is mental, not physical. 

Playing drums certainly requires physical abilities like control, endurance, and coordination but the gateway to developing these skills lives in the realm of the mind. A disciplined, focused, patient, and aware mind does wonders for overcoming physical challenges at the instrument. 

I have been a full-time professional musician since about 1991. In that time I have had to figure a lot of things out in order to maintain a solid foothold in an industry that is not for the faint of heart.

Although I did have a formal training I still had to figure many things out on my own. Learning to rise above any challenge is the only way to advance, and quite bluntly, to survive. 


Developing a habit takes time.

I spent hundreds of hours of meticulous thought planning and testing the material in the DrumMantra3030 course. I believe that in order to develop a habit, one must first enjoy what they are doing. The activity should be organized, sequential, inspiring, and fun. 

The DrumMantra3030 course has been thoroughly tested and has gotten nothing but rave reviews from the participants. 

Check out some recent testimony:

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