Free DrumMantra Low Boy Beater!

Ok. Here's the deal... 

I want you to be great. I want you to have a deeper understanding of how time functions. I want you to be comfortable with phrasing in odd time signatures. I want you to know what a polymeter is and how it functions. 

The only way to gain these qualities is through dedicated practice, and I have discovered the best way to have dedicated practice is to create a course that outlines what that dedicated practice should look like.

I wrote the DrumMantra Books for myself. I wrote them so I could study concepts that I was beginning to discover but didn't quite have a full grasp of yet. Some of the exercises that I was writing required meticulous planning and thought due to the inherent complexity of the concept. Take polymeters - these little rhythmic entities can take many measures before a resolution occurs. For example, a quarter note, a dotted eighth note, and a five-note grouping create a pattern that takes 60 beats to resolve! 

When I began to realize that just because I was selling books didn't necessarily mean that people were actually practicing the material the way it was intended. This is why I created the DrumMantra3030, so I could guide a person step-by-step through the Foundational Series Book over the course of 30 days.

The 3030 is a challenging course that will take you on a ride into some territory most don't consider in their rhythmic adventures. 

The 3030 has been a great way to get the material to people all over the world. In fact, the course has been taken by over 50 people from 24 different countries around the world! 


(Yes, you have to have taken the course to reap this massive reward. But just think of it like this... If you take the course, you are going to be a much stronger player by the end AND you have a chance to basically get a $60 kickback in the form of a  FREE LOW BOY BEATER!)

I am doing this because I want you to see the course all the way through. I want you to have something to show for all of your hard work. 

So, if you've taken the DM3030 course I am going to give you 6 months from the day you began the course to complete it and qualify for the Low Boy Beater.

(for those of you who took the course this summer or fall, you have until May1,  2019 to complete day 30 and submit a video of you doing it.) 

Anyone that successfully completes Day 30 will also be given the title "DrumMantra Ambassador" which will have even more benefits awaiting you.

To qualify for the beater, please submit a video of yourself playing each of the three sections of Day 30. Notify me when you have it so we can discuss uploading options (dropbox, googledrive, etc).

Good Luck!

Rhythmically Yours, 


  • Gary Evans

    Cool. After completing the Drum Mantra 3030 in July I was diligently practicing Day 30, then I stopped for some unknown reason. I guess I got 3/4’s the way through. I had better start practicing it again if I want that beater :-)

  • A MacDonald

    On it.

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