Groove Study with 20th Notes


I have been fascinated by the "20th" note for quite a while. What is a 20th note?

If you subdivided quarter notes in half you get eighth notes, if you divide them in half again you get 16th notes. Most music is either duple-based (quarter's, eighth's, sixteenths), or triple based (triplets, sextuplets).

A 20th note is 5 subdivisions for each quarter note. Since we usually base our counting system on 4/4 time, there would now be 20 subdivisions in the measure - five per quarter note.

To understand this is only the first piece of the puzzle. To be able to get it into the hands and feet is an requires a deeper level of physical development.

If you are new to this concept, I recommend checking out my lesson on 20th notes called Studies in 5. You can check that out HERE.

If you are already comfortable with the 20th note concept and want to try your hand at a 3 bar phrase groove that includes not only 20th note subdivisions but also 3-note groupings within the fives, you should check out this free pdf & mp3.

And once you get the exercise down make sure to post it and tag me!!



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