Polymetric Listening Exercise

I've been doing some clinics lately and each time I talk about the strange pieces of music I would program so I could walk around listening to various polymetric relationships. Those audio files have been lost due to crashed hard drives over the years, so I thought it would be fun to put something together for your listening enjoyment (and study).

This audio has a 3:4:5:7 polymetric relationship happening in it.

You will hear various sounds taking on the roles of each of the note groupings. First, you will hear the 3-note grouping, then the 4-note grouping gets added, then the fives, then the 7's.

After a little while I add in some pitches to reinforce each of the polymeters, and then finally put a little melody on top of it all before slowing taking things away, leaving you with the final 3:5 polymetric relationship.

There are several ways to listen to this piece:

1. Taking the entire experience as a complete piece of music.

2. Focusing in on one particular polymeter and following it from the beginning to the end.

The second way allows for four different experiences. The goal is to be able to lock into one of the polymeters and observe what is happening around it.

(Remember, this is just a study and not particularly a musical composition.)

Have fun!


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