We have a winner!

Allow me to introduce the very first DrumMantra Ambassador in the world, Mr. Jim Barclay!

You may remember me mentioning that anyone that takes the DrumMantra3030 course gets six months from the beginning of the course to master what has become known infamously as "Day 30". 

Upon successful completion & video proof of "Day 30," the participant is titled a DrumMantra Ambassador and receives a custom beater by Low Boy Beaters!

(It took me 6 weeks to complete the Day 30. I think it took Jim half that.) 

Here is DrumMantra Ambassador, Jim Barclay.

Jim is a professional drummer living in Chicago. He studied at the University of North Texas (we were classmates there). Jim has gone on to have a successful playing career in one of the biggest cities in the country. Among many gigs, he was the drummer with the production The Million Dollar Quartet.  He is also a seriously competitive bicycle racer! Super intense.

Here are some words from Jim on the 3030:

"The DrumMantra 3030 turned out to be a revelation for me and my playing. I have been playing drums for 30 years and been a professional for 25 of those. I was looking for something to inspire me and jumpstart a practice regimen that works with my busy adult life. I got that--and much more.

DrumMantra 3030 might be the single best thing I have ever done for my time. That's a heavy statement, but I stand by my claim.  By most measures, I had "good" time before. But this helped me to understand there is more to "time" than just "pulse." By exploring different relationships of inner-beats and polyrhythms my time became deeper--more grounded.  
The emphasis on focus is at the heart of Drum Mantra 3030 and this, too, is vital as a professional musician. Drumming is by definition a repetitive activity, and it's easy to become distracted. By exercising my mind--in addition to my hands and feet--I saw an immediate improvement in my focus both in practice and on the gig.  
I can't recommend this course enough. There is something for pretty much any level of player.  
Thank you, Rich, for the opportunity to take part in this!"

Congratulations Jim! I can't wait to deliver this amazing Low Boy Beater to you!


For more information on the DrumMantra3030, click the image below:

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