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A coordination exercise you may want to consider.

If you haven't gotten to know my education style yet, you will soon discover that I love looking at the inner-workings of time, subdivisions, and coordination.  I want to show you an interesting exercise from my book, The Foundational Series. This exercise is fairly simple to understand but is a little tricky to actually do. I was recently at the Chicago Drum Show and talked quite a large handful of drummers from all different walks of the scene. Weekend warriors, professional players,  educators, as well as students.  Over 90% of the people who tried this exercise, regardless of skill level, couldn't do it. Some stayed at the booth for over 20 minutes continuing to work on it (which I love...

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What I learned from having 11 gigs, a recording session, filming, and a drum show all in one week

“Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.” - Tchaikovsky (What I learned from having eleven gigs, a recording session, a rehearsal, video filming, and the Chicago Drum Show all in just 7 days.)   I am writing today as a philosophical observer of my own life. It's a strange perspective to have, but I think it is essential to be able to step back and reflect on one's personal experience to glean new ideas, inspiration, and insight. I recently completed what I can easily mark the busiest week of my year thus far.  In just seven days, I had nearly a dozen gigs, a recording session, a rehearsal, about 20 hours of video filming and editing, and oh...

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