About Rich

Rich Stitzel has been a professional drummer since 1991. He's toured the world, played with Grammy winners, platinum sellers, and countless artists spanning many genres of music in his 25+ year career.

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Rich has worked with hundreds of students at all levels from beginners to college kids to professionals. He has taught rock camps, jazz camps, workshops, and clinics all over the country.

Rich has written two books. The first book is called "DrumMantra: The Foundational Series", which is a method for guiding drummers through a series of exercises intended to strengthen coordination, rhythm awareness, concentration, timing, phrasing, and creative expression. This book is a must for any serious student who is ready to go deeper with their practice.

The second book is called "DrumMantra: The Primary Series" and picks up where the Foundational Series ends. The Primary Series is all about the 3:4, 5:4, and 3:5 polymetric relationships. This book is for advanced drummers.

The Foundational Series book   The Primary Series Book


Rich has gathered lots of insight into the artistic side of being a drummer, as well as the professional/business side and would like to share what he has learned with you.


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