Chakra Meditation

I was commissioned to compose a series of Chakra Alignment pieces around 2008 based on criteria mapped out through exhaustive research on the topic. (Keys, instruments, sounds, colors, etc.) I revised the series in 2015 for a re-release to be played pre-service each week at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago. We ran the series for about 4 months.

Now, I have made the pieces available for your streaming convenience on Spotify, or for download on iTunes. 


Sit in an upright position either on the floor or in a chair (If seated on the floor make sure you are comfortable - either on a cushion, a foam or cork block, or a mat. Legs crossed if comfortable. If seated in a chair, place both feet flat on the floor). 

Rest your hands in your lap palms facing up. 

Close your eyes fully or leave your eyes slightly open to focus lightly about 6 feet in front of you.

Relax. Breathe naturally and calmly. Be aware of your breath. You could recognize "inhale" and "exhale". Or you could pay attention to the space between the in-breath and out-breath.

Play Tracks 1-7 in a row, or track 8. Preferably through speakers but headphones are fine too.

The keys and timbers will vibrate at the resonant level of each chakra center. You don't have to think about it or focus on it, it just happens. 

When done, calmly come back to the present moment by gently opening your eyes and taking a few deep breaths before continuing on with your day.