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The Drummer’s Quick Guide

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Rich Stitzel

Drummer, Composer, Author, & Educator

I’m the creator of The DrumMantra system, and author of The Foundational Series and The Primary Series books.

I have been a professional player and educator since 1991 and have dedicated the past ten years to developing a method of practice that is helping drummers all over the world.

This reading guide with take you through my process of transforming the written page to phrases, figures, and grooves on the drums.

Inside my guide, you'll develop:

  • improved awareness of note values
  • quicker response time to notation
  • more solid and relaxed feel
  • better understanding of drumset orchestration when reading figures
  • “setting up” rhythmic figures
  • deeper connection to subdivisions and feel
  • being more comfortable in sight-reading situations
  • more prepared for recording sessions
  • be able to make your own charts for tunes
  • be able to express your rhythmic ideas on paper