Geometric Rhythm Matrix 1.0

Geometric Rhythm Matrix 1.0

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This exercise series is a great excuse to play with the concepts of sacred geometry, the golden ratio, harmonics, and time. 

These 7 exercises (plus 3 perspective exercises) will help you develop a very deep sense of the relationship between three different note values - The quarter note, the dotted eighth, and the five-note grouping.

This might be able to be categorized into the Groove Meditations, but I feel like this is more of a study in the balance and harmony of polymetric relationships.

This exercise is best utilized as a mental practice once it is memorized. There are several perspectives with which this exercise can be viewed however, there is a lot of work in mastering the exercise in its "native environment" (time signature) before venturing into counting the exercise in all three time signatures...

In this lesson you get:

  • A 12-minute long video explaining each step
  • 7 exercises to help build your four-limb independence (plus a way to expand the lesson to two more variations)
  • A PDF of all of the exercises written out

Have fun!