Groove Meditation #3 Exercise #30

Groove Meditation #3 Exercise #30

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The DrumMantra® Groove Meditations are a collection of exercises designed to challenge your coordination, consistency, and concentration.

Groove Meditation 3, exercise 1.30 is a 5 measure pattern in 4/4 time. The snare drum continues to play a backbeat, while the bass drum and ride pattern play a repetitive 5 note grouping. The hi-hat in this particular exercise plays eighth notes throughout.

What you get: 

  • MP3 of exercise repeating eight times with drums. 
  • MP3 of exercise repeating eight times with a click, no drums.
  • MP3 of exercise repeating eight times. No click, no drums.
  • PDF of exercise written two different ways.
  • Video of the "performance" of the exercise in its entirety.

* The video is labeled differently, but it is the correct exercise,