Rhythmic Perception: A Primer, Part 6
Rhythmic Perception: A Primer, Part 6

Rhythmic Perception: A Primer, Part 6

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Rhythmic Perception; A Primer Pt. 6 is all about the groove. Playing the 3:4 polymetric relationship between 3 limbs while listening to a composition that carries us from one foundational time signature and tempo to another.

The underlying purpose of the DrumMantra is to discover a deeper level of balance, coordination, internal time, creativity, and musicality through polymeric exercises that are played repetitively for long durations of time. The exercises act as aural & physical “mantras” which require focus and discipline, while at the same time requiring relaxation and calmness.

On a practical level, these aren’t necessarily “licks for your next gig”, but rather a system of developing an underlying comfort and awareness of rhythms that carry you beyond the barline, and beyond the norm. With a deeper sense of rhythm, and the ability to play more complex patterns, you will be able to express your creativity in a more relaxed and rhythmically deeper way.

The goal is to stay focused on the main pulse. Let it sink into your muscle memory to the point that you are FEELING the groove, as well as being aware of the secondary rhythm. Push beyond the intellectual “I understand the concept, so I’m good” stage and go to the level of the soul, where you actually feel the time, not just think the time.

How does it work? what does it feel/sound like between various limbs? How many ways or perspectives can we look at this relationship?

Discover some deeper meanings to a simple rhythmic relationship and expand your inner awareness of time, groove, feel, and rhythm!

What you get:

  • 1 instructional video
  • An MP3 audio play along
  • A PDF of the exercises