Studies in Five, Part 1

Studies in Five, Part 1

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What is a fifth note?!? 

A "fifth note" is five evenly spaced notes per measure of 4/4, which constitutes a 5:4 polyrhythm. (and when we flip it upside down and put 4 notes in the space of 5, it is a 4:5 polymeter).

In this series, we will look at both the 5:4 polyrhythm, and the 4:5 polymeter.

-  Groupings of five's can create a very interesting tension in the rhythmic landscape. Grouping five's as sixteenth notes can give the effect of the time slowing down.

- Groupings of fives as FIFTH NOTES will present a unique sound and subdivision that to the untrained ear can sound very crazy.

 What you get in this lesson pack:

  • 4 videos totally 50 minutes of instruction!
  • 26 comprehensive exercises
  • PDF of every exercise
  •  26 Audio Play-Alongs!